Ealing top at cooking oil recycling

An Ealing Council recycling centre is top of the tables for waste cooking oil collection.

Greenford Recycling Centre has collected the most cooking oil for recycling in London, and the second highest volume in the country.

In the last two years, residents have deposited a massive 6,110 litres at Greenford, and another 1,950 litres at Acton making a total of 8,060 litres.

One litre of used cooking oil can be converted into a new green fuel called LF100 to produce enough clean electricity to make 240 cups of tea.

The amount collected in Ealing can power eight homes for a year.

Residents can dispose of old cooking oil at Ealing Council’s Reuse and Recycling centres in Acton and Greenford.

The waste cooking oil is recycled by Living Fuels - part of the British group Renewable Energy Generation - to produce a green fuel to power electricity generators which feed into the National Grid.

Pouring cooking oil down the sink clogs up drains and sewers, is hazardous to wildlife if it is allowed to seep into the water table, and it wastes precious unused energy.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, said: "It’s great news that residents have taken to waste oil recycling with the same enthusiasm that they have shown for all our other recycling services."

"I would encourage everyone to save used cooking oil left over from cooking, and take it to their nearest recycling centre. Not only will this produce clean and green electricity, it will also save drains from getting blocked."