Court fine gives fly-tippers food for thought

A West Ealing restaurant, whose employees were caught fly-tipping by council CCTV cameras, is £2,000 out of pocket.

Diren Limited, the owners of Mangal Restaurant on Uxbridge Road, West Ealing, were hit with a fine of £1,000 plus court costs by Ealing Magistrates’ Court on 25 March 2010.

CCTV footage presented in court showed staff dumping commercial waste illegally outside the restaurant on 11 separate occasions between September and October last year.

This was despite the fact Mangal Restaurant had previously paid for commercial waste sacks from Ealing Council.

Keith Townsend, Director of Environment and Customer Services, said: "The CCTV evidence clearly shows staff in this restaurant dumping waste illegally on the public footpath and that is totally unacceptable."

"I’m pleased this is reflected in the court’s verdict and I hope the case serves as a reminder that we will prosecute those who fly-tip in Ealing."

Representatives of Diren Limited failed to attend Ealing Magistrates’ Court and the company was fined £1,000 in their absence. Diren Limited was also ordered to cover the council’s legal costs of £989.